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Skilled Nursing Care/Rehabilitation Services/Respite or Tour Information

Redbanks Skilled Nursing Center
851 Kimsey Lane
Handerson, KY 42420



Redbanks Colonial Terrace
142 Roger Powell Road
Sebree, KY 42455

Shari Newton, Administrator

LaDonna Tapp, Admissions/Outreach


Michele Davis, Administrator

Tammy Tompkins, Admissions/Marketing

Independent Living Services and Apartments/Leasing Information/Rental Rates or Tours

Candace Owens, Executive Director

The Regency Apartments
875 Kimsey Lane
Henderson, KY 42420

Redbanks Towers and Apartments
737 Kimsey Lane
Henderson, KY 42420

Pleasant Point Apartments
619 Barrett Blvd
Henderson, KY 42420

Gigi Gentry, Leasing Agent

Candace Owens, Interim Property Manager


Julie Buckman, Property Manager

Pleasant Pointe Apartments

Pleasant Pointe Apartments, 619 Barret Boulevard, Henderson, KY, USA

Redbanks Colonial Terrace

Colonial Terrace Health Care, Roger Powell Road, Sebree, KY, USA

Regency Apartments

Redbanks Regency Apartments, 875 Kimsey Lane, Henderson, KY, USA

Towers & Apartments

Redbanks Towers & Apartments, Kimsey Lane, Henderson, KY, USA