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Redbanks Success Stories

Redbanks has been fortunate to receive positive feedback from our clients. Making them happy and comfortable is why we do what we do. Read the success stories below to hear from just a few of our clients and learn more about how we can benefit you and your family.

“I had my shoulder replacement surgery at Gateway and it was suggested from the hospital that I go to a rehabilitation facility before going back home. I knew right away I wanted to go to Redbanks. The second I got there I knew I made a good decision. I got settled in right away and that afternoon I was seen by physical therapy and occupational therapy. They were so easy & careful with my shoulder and helped me regain motion in it. The routine started and I saw several therapists daily. I want to say a special thanks to Rachel Wells, Amber Nalley, Liz Greenwell & Damon Hess. The whole therapy team was amazing, but these folks worked with me daily. I can’t say enough about the therapy team in general. I’m home now and my shoulder is better than before. I couldn’t have made the transition home without Redbanks. I also wanted to say thanks to the nursing team for helping me with my pain management and for being so great to me. Actually, the whole team at Redbanks deserves a big THANK YOU! If anyone in the community needs rehabilitation after surgery or for any need, I recommend Redbanks. They will get you back to your normal life and routines. In my book, Redbanks is #1.”

Jack Eason

“I unfortunately had a stroke and was sent to the hospital. From there they sent me to HealthSouth to receive therapy. After I completed my time at HealthSouth I chose to come to Redbanks for extended therapy before I got to go home. The therapy team at Redbanks is really, really, really good; I don’t think I can say really enough. The nurses were terrific as well. I’ve met a lot of friends at Redbanks and I’m very thankful for my rehabilitation stay that has gotten me back to a stronger man. I highly recommend Redbanks to anyone who needs rehabilitation or a place to live. Thanks Redbanks, I appreciate the whole team!”

Thomas Barron

“How thankful I am that my Mama is safe and being well-cared for at Redbanks – the sweet, caring staff is quick to pick up the phone and relay any situation about which I need to be alerted! God is so good to have placed Mama where others can stand in the gap because I am not able to be there and not able to take care of her the ways that she needs! God definitely led us this past summer, to get Mama to a place where she is safe and cared for ~ my prayers were answered. Now, with the cold winter weather and snow, Mama is safe. She no longer has to worry about taking care of others and ultimately endangering herself… She can live peacefully among people who are kind and giving to her. Praises!!!”

Leah Greer-Mcllvain, Daughter of a resident on our Harbor Unit

“My mom has done so well with physical and occupational therapy at Redbanks and is being discharged home. I know how much I love working at Redbanks, but now I’ve seen the other side of Redbanks with my mom being here. She’s received the best care possible 24/7. The staff are compassionate, caring, and give encouragement when needed. The therapy team at Redbanks is phenomenal. There were 2 days that mom wasn’t herself & the nursing and therapy team went above and beyond to get her mobility back on track…. I cannot thank each nurse, CNA, PT staff, OT staff, dietary, and housekeepers enough. God Bless Redbanks….”

Lisa Drury, Daughter/Employee of a former Resident on our Rehabilitation Unit

“How lucky Henderson is to have Redbanks and this therapy department. The level of care and patience was above and beyond what I expected, and they made it fun too! With all the help I saw improvements everyday. I don’t have one negative thing to say … even the building was super clean. I saw all the residents treated with compassion, love, and respect. Every staff member, including the administrator, Ken Graves, went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at home. Everyone was friendly.”

Charlotte Felty

“I had to go to Redbanks Rehabilitation before I got to head home. I selected Redbanks as it’s the only place I wanted to be in this situation. The care of the aides and nurses was excellent. Therapy was really great. I was beyond satisfied. They challenged me each visit to do my best. My room was always clean and housekeeping didn’t miss anything. I felt I got to keep to myself, just like I do at home. I was fortunate and blessed to have Redbanks to get me well enough in time for my wedding on November 7th. I get to walk with my beautiful bride down the aisle..”

Robert Christian

“After surgery I realized I needed therapy before safely returning home. My mom resides at Redbanks so I already knew it was a great facility and how wonderful the therapy was, so I chose to come to Redbanks before heading home. Therapy pushed me hard every day to get me where I needed to be. They never pushed you past your limits, they know what is perfect for each patient. Therapy went out of their way to make sure I was safe to go home. One therapist even pulled his car up to help me transfer in and out to double check I could do this on my own at home. I also want to say how pleased I am with the nursing care I received. I am very thankful for Redbanks and having them when I needed them the most. Thanks Redbanks.”

Sandra Earles

“My experience here at Redbanks started with zero mobility on both my right and left lower limbs. In a very short time working with the therapy team my right side is back to how it was before, and my left side is almost back to complete mobility. The therapy team is awesome! The nursing team is very conscientious of their patients and take good care of you. One thing I’ve noticed is every staff member here is very friendly and always speaks to me in passing to check on how I’m doing. Thanks Redbanks!”

Sara Ann Young

“Everyone has just been great here at Redbanks. I like the care they give me here, and I have made some really good friends. I really liked my room; it was big enough to where all my family could come and visit comfortably.”

Dorothy Barron

“When Dorothy first came to Redbanks, she could not sit up on her own. She can now sit up and walk with a walker because of the therapy she received and all the tender loving care she received from all of the employees.”

Thomas Barron

“Our experience here at Redbanks has been good. Bob has been here six different times and we have always chosen Redbanks to come back to when he needed therapy. The therapy is good and the therapy department has worked really hard to get Bob back on his feet. The staff has all been very nice.”

Betty Wetherbee

“I liked it here at Redbanks. The therapy has been good and they are very nice. Everything has just been wonderful.”

Bob Wetherbee

“The workers have been so conscientious with everything thing they do. They visit and talk with me each day. Rehab is great! They work with me, and it has helped get me stronger. I love all the workers here and feel like God wanted me to come here. I’ve enjoyed my stay, going to activities, and church services. I love it that my precious dog, Reese gets to visit me. I plan on coming back to Redbanks when I have my other hip surgery.”

Carolyn Goldsberry

“On 4/19 I had to have total hip replacement surgery. Afterward I knew I would need therapy so I chose to stay at Redbanks Skilled Nursing Facility for their excellent in house Physical and Occupational Therapy Program. Every day my mobility improved until I was ready to go back to my “regular life!” Thanks to all the therapy staff at Redbanks for making this happen. Also, I wanted to thank the nurses, CNA’s, maintenance, dietary staff and anyone else who helped with my care while I was there.”

Karen Raber

“I started out at Redbanks bedfast and couldn’t walk. Now fast forward 7 weeks, and I am now able to walk just fine and return home safely thanks to the dedicated and hardworking team at Redbanks. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. I can’t say enough about the Therapy Team! They are the hardest working and most dedicated people I have ever seen. I will never forget how great they are. Redbanks is the best of the best and I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank You!”

Larry Fulkerson

Redbanks success story

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