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Redbanks Colonial Terrace

Nestled in a quiet, small-town setting of Sebree, KY, Redbanks Colonial Terrace takes you back to a quieter time when things didn’t move quite as quickly as they do today. Our facility is designed with comfort in mind, offering all the amenities and comforts you deserve in a place you’ll be proud to call home. Life simply gets better at Redbanks Colonial Terrace Nursing Center!

nurse walking with senior woman in wheelchair

Our Nursing Facility

Redbanks Colonial Terrace Nursing Center, part of the Redbanks Community, cares for your family members as if they were our own. From our licensed staff of dedicated, compassionate professionals to our comforting home-like atmosphere, Redbanks Colonial Terrace offers the 24 hour skilled nursing care you need with the respect you deserve. Trust the care of your loved ones with people who truly care at Redbanks Colonial Terrace Nursing Center.

For more information about this location or to address your questions and concerns, please email or call:


Therapy Services

Rehabilitation is an essential element of life at Redbanks Colonial Terrace. We want to restore you to the health you enjoyed before the accident, illness, or operation that brought you to our center. Physical therapy restores muscle strength and improves coordination; occupational therapy can help people who’ve been disabled to re-learn essential life functions such as eating, bathing and dressing; and speech therapy can help victims of brain trauma, such as a stroke, to re-train the muscles in the mouth and throat so they can speak and eat properly. We would love to help you learn more about our rehab programs.

Outpatient Therapy Services

Many people like to recover from an illness at home, but may still need therapy services. Physical, occupational, and speech therapies are offered at Redbanks Colonial Terrace through our Outpatient Therapy Services. This allows you the independence of being at home while working with our dedicated, experienced staff. For questions about our facility or for a tour, contact the facility at 270-835-2533.

More Info About Our Nursing Facility

Our nursing facility is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and 24-hours a day, skilled nurses are available to care for you or your loved one whenever they need it. We offer short term rehabilitation, daily activities, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We employee an experienced medical team including a chaplain, medical director, nurse practitioner, certified wound care nurse, social works, and a registered dietitian.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Redbanks has a team of therapists committed to helping each resident regain function and safely return home as quickly as their recovery process allows. We strive to produce positive outcomes. We specialize in treating:

  • Hip & Knee Replacement
  • Cerebrovascular Accident
  • Cardiac Recovery
  • Pain Management
  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Edema
  • Fall Prevention
  • Decreased Endurance
Skilled Nursing Care

We provide skilled nursing care, specializing in areas including but not limited to:

  • Wound Care, including negative pressure ulcer therapy
  • Advanced Respiratory Care
  • CPAP
  • Bi-pap
  • Nebulizer & Oxygen Treatments
  • IV Medication and Fluid Administration (including PICC lines and implanted ports)

Types of Rehab Therapy

In addition to the services above, Redbanks also offers three types of rehab therapy.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical Therapy is the most well known type of therapy and treats disease or disability through specialized exercise. We focus on programs such as gait training, bed mobility, wound care, restraint reduction, and wheelchair positioning.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy is designed to help patients regain skilled needed to perform daily activities and individuals may need this therapy after an illness or injury. This will help them regain the ability to eat, dress, do household chores, and groom themselves.

Speech Therapy (ST)

Speech Therapy at Redbanks involves speech-language therapists working with patients to help them regain or strengthen the ability to speak easily and clearly. There are many advanced technologies to aid in the process of regaining speech and swallowing abilities.

Redbanks Colonial Terrace

142 Roger Powell Rd
Sebree, KY 42455

Phone: 270-835-2533

Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Marty Teasley, Administrator

Tammy Tompkins, Admissions/Marketing

Colonial Terrace Health Care, Roger Powell Road, Sebree, KY, USA

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